The folks over at Engadget have an article about a 7″ smartbook which is going to be introduced sometime later in 2010. The smartbook prototype on display at CeBIT comes with a cpu from Marvell, 2GB of flash storage and Windows CE. But the best part of this story is that it is only going to cost $85. Is this for real?

There was actually a YouTube shortcut on the desktop, but the NBPC722 wasn’t connected to try it out. Apparently this inexpensive laptop should be making its way stateside this spring, but until the flowers start blooming you’ve got the video below.

As the article states one may not believe this until it actually hits the street. But if Coby can offer this for a low price of $85, everyone will be able to afford this mini.

What do you think? Is this too good to be true?

Comments welcome.

See video here