At a rocking 90 million copies sold, it’s clear to me that Windows 7 is reaping the benefits of what I believe has become an inadvertent “New Coke” strategy. The keyword being inadvertent, as I am positive Microsoft does not like spending millions of dollars on flops like Vista just for giggles. Like New Coke, Vista was released to replace the aging Windows XP. Like New Coke, 99% of the press on it was very, very poor. And having used Vista myself on a few boxes, I could barely get my head around Microsoft selling this slow (on new computers), buggy operating system as a step up from Windows XP. Same thing with New Coke – people wanted their old Coke back as it was received better.

Flash forward to Windows 7: We see Microsoft providing a vastly faster operating system (no hardware spec excuses this time), plus the overall layout of everything was just better all the way around. This was the replacement Windows OS users wanted. Same thing again, with the release of Coke Classic, all of those years ago.

So is this just a random parallel? To a degree, yes it is. One is from a different time and the fact that it’s a software drink, translates into this being otherwise unrelated. Despite this however, the interesting thing is in both cases, the results were very much the same for Coca Cola and Microsoft. Both companies needed to go through some heavy learning experiences.

Today Microsoft is enjoying the fruits of doing things right (finally) with 90 million copies of Windows 7. And to Microsoft, I say job well done. While I personally no longer partake in Windows as my daily use OS, I am glad to see that Windows users are finally reaping the benefits of Microsoft’s efforts. Cool beans.

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