If you use multiple PCs in your work environment, then you can eliminate additional mouse and keyboards, and control all of them with just one set.   Just use Multiplicity, which was just updated to version 1.24.

Other features include:

  • Clip and Paste – Share your clipboard contents among your master and slave computers, including images!
  • File and Directory Copying – Easily move files, or entire directories between computers! (Pro Version)
  • Hotkey Support – Multiplicity supports fast switching to the connected computers via configurable hotkeys and mouse buttons!
  • Fade/Darken Indicator – Multiplicity can fade or darken the non-focus computers, to further enhance navigation speed.
  • Onscreen Display – Multiplicity can be configured to display an onscreen indicator of your current location.

A free trial and more information can be found at www.multiplicity.net.