Even though Twitter has become a part of pop culture and is pretty much being used by anybody and everybody, there are still people who don’t take the service seriously. They may say that it’s pointless and people just talk about what they’re eating throughout the day. Sure, there is some of that, but to imply that those kinds of tweets are all there is to see is completely wrong and shows that these people don’t truly understand the power of Twitter. Those of us who use the service professionally understand what it can do for a brand in a professional way, and HootSuite is aiming to assist all of us with Twitter by being the professional Twitter client.

HootSuite helps you manage multiple Twitter accounts and other social networking accounts like other services that are out there, but HootSuite goes beyond what other services do to the point that it feels like there’s nothing that it can’t do. Multiple members from your company can be a part of the experience, statistics can be tracked, followers can be managed, tweets can be scheduled, and that’s all just skimming the surface of what can be done. If you take Twitter seriously, then you should try HootSuite.