The driver problems of nVidia continue. The latest WHQL drivers, 196.75, have been pulled because they allowed the fan to slow when in fact it should be running at full speed. This is not only a very bad thing, it would make me think that the boys at nVidia need to rethink their work habits, as this is just sloppy.


nVidia users be on alert as the recently-released GeForce 196.75 WHQL graphics driver has been confirmed to have an issue that, let’s just say, messes up the fan speed of GeForce cards, causing them to overheat. This problem kicks in for real while gaming or running benchmarks and is reported to have let to the frying of a few cards already.
While it’s investigating the fan controller bug, nVidia has pulled the GeForce 196.75 driver from its website. Those who have the driver installed are advised to go back to 196.21 and wait for an update from Santa Clara’s Green Goblin.

I wonder how many of those early adopters with fried cards were denied warranty performance until many more problems were reported. It’s hard to be at the front of the line sometimes.

If only there were a third choice, for ATi drivers are frequently no better…


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