Interested in some nasty botnet to ruin some poor network? According to this article, it won’t run you too much if you are. Don’t misunderstand me now, I would never advocate something illegal or so destructive, but the fact that a botnet running the ZeuS malware could be built at the bargain basement price of about $2,500 is rather shocking. I’d have thought there would have been more involved.

And to a degree, there is. But even when you consider how apparently accessible getting into this kind of malware scheme is, clearly it’s the kind of thing that puts a nightmare into the minds of many security pros out there. Seriously, who wants to deal with this kind of thing?

For me though, the biggest eye opener was the hidden economy involved in all of this. Imagine a group of otherwise unrelated people working for the common goal of making a botnet a reality. It’s actually rather frightening when you stop to think about it.

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