Surfing the Internet for most of us is just a daily activity that we accept as a daily ritual. We pay an ISP for access and don’t think too much about it. But in a recent survey taken by the BBC shows that of the 27,000 Internet users who responded, a whopping 78% + felt that access to the Internet was a right. In fact Finland and Estonia have ruled that Internet access is a right for their citizens.

These statements says it all:

“The right to communicate cannot be ignored,” Dr Hamadoun Toure, secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), told BBC News.

“The internet is the most powerful potential source of enlightenment ever created.”

He said that governments must “regard the internet as basic infrastructure – just like roads, waste and water”.

“We have entered the knowledge society and everyone must have access to participate.”

It seems that Europe is moving quickly to make the Internet a right and a necessity. As usual the U.S. will lag behind because our government doesn’t have the time nor the money to enter into the 21 century. LOL

So here is a question for you. Do you believe that Internet access should be a right and why?

Comments welcome.

Source – BBC