There’s little question that distracted driving causes accidents. Argue if you wish, but cellphone use is a primary factor. The authorities have banned the use of cellphones while driving here in the Garden State … unless the driver uses a hands-free device. The law has been widely enforced, with 225,000 citations issued in the first 23 months.

A good Bluetooth setup allows you to put down the phone and drive, keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Most new cars are available with an optional integrated Bluetooth setup, but some are better than others.

The best (and consequently, the most expensive) in-car Bluetooth setups put the controls on the steering wheel and pull your phonebook data off your phone. With voice dialing, you needn’t hunt through your phone for that number or poke at the keypad.

While there are many aftermarket Bluetooth setups, most lack steering wheel integration. A good voice interface and an efficient phonebook can alleviate that shortcoming.

Resource: Car Reviews (with Bluetooth)