With all of the talk about social networking, it would appear that the plain old form of communication known as email would die a slow death. One credible Internet source even claimed that email was DOA and that Facebook had taken over as the leader in the way we communicate on the Internet. But a new source seems to indicate that email is still alive and well. In fact, email is is said, according to one source, to still hold about 70% of the communications over any other form, including social networking sites.

A recent article states:

So how much sharing happens every month? Let’s take a rough cut at the numbers: there are an estimated 1 trillion to 1.4 trillion page views on the web per month. I’ll use the 1 trillion number for this analysis. Our Tynt data shows that slightly over 2% of all page views result in content sharing via copy/paste meaning over 20 Billion sharing actions. By comparison, explicit sharing buttons built into many content pages result in about 400 million shares every month. Another very common way to share data is by sharing links via Twitter. According to TechCrunch Bit.ly shortens 2.1 billion links per month, which encompasses a significant amount of the Twitter sharing. Add this all together and we can conclude that there are at least 22.5 billion monthly shares.

If Facebook’s total shares that TechCrunch reported are 5 billion (22%) – where are the other 78% of shares going?
Our data shows a very different picture. I’ve created two charts, the first one showing percentage of social sharing on the web based upon the total number of shares.

Interesting, but how accurate are any of these numbers? I personally believe that email still remains a popular way to communicate, but the exact percentage of those who still email is subject to dispute.

What do you think?

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