Talk about articles having you doing a real double take! Today I learned of an incident in which Panda Security apparently received a brand new Android based Vodaphone HTC Magic… already pre-loaded with malware at no extra charge. The discovery took place when the user first plugged in the phone to their USB port, which set off the Panda software which alerted them to an apparent auto-run malware program at work from the phone. Worse was the fact that the software was immediately trying to “phone home” when activated.

Now it’s events like this that illustrate something that I once said — and was promptly ridiculed for — be it years back. I said we were entering a time where security suites were going to be needed for smart phones. To this day, we would likely agree that we’re simply not there yet… but I feel like we are getting closer than ever to seeing the need for something to be done. As things stand now, smart phones are frankly dangerous to use for anything sensitive. There are absolutely ZERO checks and balances in place to prevent a problem.

Am I nuts on this? I am leaning with a big no myself, but that is based on the fact that there is simply no way in the world that we can seriously expect to continue along as we are… only to be completely blown out of the water every time something like the above incident takes place.

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