As if attempting to dig itself out from what seems like never-ending obscurity, MySpace is fighting like crazy to remain relevant in a Facebook/Twitter world. What about made me fall over laughing was this statement.

“MySpace has quietly spent the last several months tweaking its social-networking service with the intention of appealing more to the under-35 crowd.”

Uh, when was this a problem? Because senior citizens were rocking the moving HTML-heavy themes with dancing .gif images and auto-playing music… clearly, MySpace was targeting people that were entirely too old in years past.

Seriously MySpace, are you drunk or just asleep at the wheel? The only place you have left to go is down to the 12 and under crowd! You’ve alienated everyone else. How in the world can that portal of bad HTML code not realize this?

The above being said, I do agree with the idea of MySpace trying to attract music and movie fans. At least that would be a tangible, logical demo for the disillusioned company to go after. Assuming MySpace is ready to awaken from a long and blind trip into La-La-Land, hitting select entertainment niches is about the only space left that the company has a shot left for creating its own “Space” for itself that will largely be untouched by the other giants in the social media realm.

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