Though the shake out will remove many of the current crop of e-Readers, Samsung is leaping in with both feet, and putting forth their idea of what an e-Reader should be.  The reader was shown at CES but some wondered if the release would actually come. The TechConnect blip tells us that it is indeed in production –

Samsung Electronics has today introduced the CES 2010-unveiled E6 ebook reader to the US market and announced a partnership with Barnes & Noble that provides its device access to B&N’s catalog containing over 1 million ebooks, emagazines and enewspapers.

The sliding E6 features a 6-inch E-ink display (600×800) with 8-Gray scale, 2GB of internal storage, a microSD card reader, 802.11 b/g WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, built-in front speakers, supports e-pub, PDF/a and TXT formats, and is bundled with an electromagnetic resonance (EMR) stylus pen that enables users to annotate their reading selections, calendars and notes.

"We are very excited to be entering the explosive eReader market with a device that brings the best of a traditional reading experience into the digital age," said Reid Sullivan, Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics America. "Samsung prides itself on identifying and fulfilling unmet consumer needs through innovation, and the eReader is emblematic of that approach. We are partnering with the best in the business to offer access to an extensive array of content, and have developed innovative features and technologies designed to make reading that content as personal and intimate an experience as reading a hard copy book has always been."

The Samsung E6 costs $399 and will be followed in the coming months but the E10 model which will be priced at $699.

At that price, is should be color, have surround sound, and a television tuner built in. I don’t see much hope for this one, but they always catch a few, before they hit the e-waste pile.


sheeple Perhaps this will be the choice of sheeple with money to blow everywhere.

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