You may assume that you know what people are thinking, but in all honesty, you have no idea. Because of this, it can be interesting to actually ask for people’s opinions to truly find out what they’re thinking. I’ve always enjoyed looking at poll questions and results because anyone can participate in them and they provide a nice snapshot of how the public views certain matters. Creating your own poll with Urtak is no problem at all, and all you’ll have to do is encourage people to get involved.

Not only can you create unlimited free polls, but you can also embed them anywhere you’d like and analyze the results in real time in a really nice way. For the longest time, creating and publishing a poll has meant getting people to provide answers, but the interesting thing about Urtak is that participants can also pose their own questions. This means that communication is two-way instead of one-way. Now, in addition to finding out what people are thinking, you’ll also find out what they’re curious about.