There have been a fair number of new tablet computers recently running everything from Android to Windows 7 – they all seem to be chasing after the iPad market , which says a lot about the perception of Apple because not a single iPad has been sold yet.  After watching some videos on these “iPad killers” I have come to the conclusion that these devices are pretty much the same tablet computers we have seen in the past.

These Windows based tablets suffer from the same problems as their past iterations – no one wants them.  People have had the option of getting a tablet from computers running full operating systems with Flash support for years, and aside from doctors’ offices and hospital staff, no one really ever bought them.  Why do PC makers and tech writers now believe that tablets running a full desktop OS will suddenly be what people are looking for?

All of these products have been failures; riding on the coattails of the iPad might sell a few devices, but this tablet fad will go away once the numbers come in.  Microsoft, to its credit, seems to understand the failure of the tablet computer – which might be why its current tablet focus is on the Courier.  The Courier does not pretend to be a computer replacement; it is a digital journal, a simple device to jot your thoughts into.  It does Web browsing, email, maps, and that is about it.  Devices like the iPad and the Courier are the future of the tablet market – specialized devices that do a few things very well, that are not intended as computer replacements, that don’t require or use a full desktop operating system, and that have interfaces deigned from the ground up for touch.