Despite the many recent articles to the contrary, Windows XP is far from out of life just yet. A study shown in ComputerWorld states that though many IT pros will be guiding their departments through deployments of Windows 7, some by bringing them out of the desert that is Vista, a full 40 percent will be sticking with Windows XP until 2014.

This time, IT organizations say, it looks like Microsoft has finally delivered the goods. And just in time. About 80 percent of IT organizations didn’t move forward with Vista, according to Gartner Inc. Instead, the vast majority of enterprise users remain on Windows XP, an outdated, eight-and-a-half-year-old operating system that should have passed into the high tech-fossil record long ago.

Computerworld surveyed 285 IT professionals to gauge their attitudes and intentions with regard to Windows 7. Overall, 72 percent said they plan to migrate to Windows 7, with 70 percent saying they will implement it within a year or that they already are installing the new OS.

The No. 1 reason cited for upgrading: to get off the aging Windows XP platform. That said, however, almost 40 percent of survey respondents will take XP support to the end — April 2014 — before they install Windows 7 on all their Windows machines.

Which version of Windows is currently running in your IT operation?
Windows XP: 93 percent
Windows Vista: 35 percent
Windows 2000: 15 percent
Windows 98: 3 percent
Windows 95: 2 percent
Source: Computerworld online survey; 205 respondents

Those willing to wait that long, however, are in the minority. “We’re ready to move on,” says Paul Shane, IT director at the Seattle offices of Milliman, an actuarial consulting firm. He avoided Vista, which he says was initially problematic, clumsy, buggy, and continues to suffer from slow performance. But he expects to have most of his 150 desktops and laptops upgraded to Windows 7 by the end of this year. Disappointed with Vista, Shane briefly considered the Mac OS X platform. Now, he says, “We’ve cast those aside.”

Though I have Windows 7 on a couple of machines, if I tell the complete truth, I have 0 problems with the machines that have Windows XP, and not only does Windows 7 have some annoyances, it has some real problems. Since the so-late Patch-Tuesday-that it-was-Wednesday did not have any patches for Windows 7, it will be at least another month for the possible low-memory problem to get resolved. For those like myself, with no problem installations of Windows XP, the phrase that pays is” If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.


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