It’s almost impossible to read anything from the mainline computer press that does not have the hard and heavy thumbprint of Microsoft on it. We get it. You all depend on Microsoft for your continued existence, so all articles pointed at them will be heavily slanted in their favor, and, every once in a great while, when Microsoft really screws the pooch, the sarcastic remarks and criticism can fly, but only for so long. (If you don’t believe this, you aren’t paying attention. Also, gander at the amount of criticism Vista got, and then there were a load of articles saying how no one – not even them – really gave Vista a chance, and it wasn’t that bad. Then, magically, when Windows 7 started looking halfway good, and Microsoft itself admitted what a pig Vista was, again it was alright to criticize again.)

Now, it’s Bing. Bing is acceptable as a search engine – for anyone that has never used Google, or Yahoo, for that matter.

But the press is beating us with the “gains” of Bing in the market every time they show up. Enough already. Bing is sucking from Yahoo – we also get that. That is how Mr. Ballmer wanted it, and so it will be, poor Yahoo will continue to shrink to nothing, and then Mr. Ballmer will throw away the husk that once was Yahoo.

But please, do we really need things like this from PC Magazine each month –

ComScore released its search engine traffic results for February, and once again, it’s good news for Microsoft–once again, at the expense of Yahoo. Bing is continuing its slow but steady crawl to number two, rising from 11.3 to 11.5 percent of the search market.

Yahoo dropped from 17.0 to 16.8 percent from January to February. Google, meanwhile, managed a slight bump for the month of February, from 65.4 to 65.5 percent of the U.S. search market.

Fourth-place dropped a bit, from 3.8 to 3.7 percent. AOL stayed put at 2.5 percent.

Let’s all jump up and salute toward Redmond, then be done with it for another month. Is 0.2% really anything to get excited about? It might be a bit more exciting if Google was down by the same amount, but Google is up, so where’s that ability to gloat…gone.

When Bing has a full 40% of the search market, let me know. Then I’ll feign a little more “genuine excitement”. Until then, I’d appreciate no more of this.


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