First of all we need to understand how the survey was conducted and what types of categories were used to rank the cities. The specific categories were for ease of getting around, health & safety, Information & technology, green time savers and finally lifestyle. Each city was graded on a scale of 1 to 5 and the scores were than added up to rank each city. Here is a listing of the top five cities:

1. Seattle

Time-saving score: 22.5
Population: 598,541

With extensive public transit, one of the country’s most on-time airports, and 50 miles of new bike lanes in the last two years, our winning city, Seattle, is an icon of urban efficiency.

2. Portland, Oregon

Time-saving score: 21.5
Population: 557,706

It’s no hassle getting around this town, whether by bike or on the nation’s fourth-largest light-rail system. There are few airport delays, and speedy emergency services translate to one of the highest cardiac-arrest survival rates

3. San Francisco

Time-saving score: 21
Population: 808,976

San Francisco’s copious lifestyle perks and the local government’s smart use of technology help residents make the most of their time

4. Boston

Time-saving score: 20
Population: 609,023

Thanks to its compact layout, Boston has the nation’s highest walk-to-work rate.

5. Minneapolis

Time-saving score: 19.5
Population: 382,605

Despite frigid winters, Minneapolis is number one for farmers’ markets and number two for bike accessibility, and it has one of the highest numbers of community gardens per capita.

This is an interesting survey since the results of who the winners are may surprise some of us. Having been a life long resident of San Francisco and the surrounding area, I can agree with the City being listed as number 3 in the survey. San Francisco is a beautiful city to live near and offers some gorgeous views. However, traffic is a nightmare IMHO.

Other cities listed were Denver, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Miami, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Austin, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston and Phoenix.

For a complete list of cities and how they were rated, check out the link below.

Source – 21 top cities