Have you ever looked at a picture and wished that it could talk to you and tell you more about that moment in time that was recorded? That may sound weird, but all of us have seen pictures where you needed to hear the stories behind them to truly appreciate them. You can hear these stories when the person who took the pictures shows them to you and you can also find out about the stories by reading the descriptions that accompany the pictures on photo sharing Web sites. With Fotobabble, pictures can finally tell their own stories.

What am I talking about? Well, this online service enables you to upload a picture and record some audio that plays with it. Your creation will get its own URL that can be shared with others, and it can be embedded outside of Fotobabble. This site is a great place to share pictures and memories from vacations and special events, and there’s even an iPhone app for sharing moments while you’re out and about. Pictures just became a lot more interesting.