I am writing this from the area around the general area of Prescott, Arizona, as I am visiting a friend from California that moved here recently. To say it is a culture shock would be major understatement.

I arrived in Phoenix to find that in the 30 years since I have visited the area it has grown immensely, but the other areas of Arizona don’t seem to have kept pace. I am seeing that living in California has major benefits for the technology geek. For example, there seems to be no fiber buildout in the northern Arizona area {Perhaps a few more cities should follow the lead of Topeka, Kansas, and change the city name, or perhaps dedicate some land to the memory of the first hugely successful search engine. It might make a difference, you never know – Google might want to start building out from two or more areas}.

The outlook for high speed internet access in this area is pretty dismal unless someone comes in with a great last-mile solution. In this area, it looks as though there are many last miles because of the low population density.

On the plus side, the air is very clear, and I have not been in anyplace this quiet since I was a child.


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