During last evening news it was stated that Internet scams have made off with about $560 million in stolen funds from people like you and me (which is untrue because people like you and me are not stupid enough to fall for scams like this,  since those who read Lockergnome are a more tech savvy bunch). The most popular scam is the person stating they are from the FBI. There was also another popular scam last year when phone scam callers claimed they were the President of the U.S.

Internet scams increased by about 20% in 2009  according to figures from the FBI and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. The Internet Crime Complaint Center is a private group that works to fight Internet crime and provide information to consumers. In addition the crimes ranged in cost from a low of under $30 to a high of $100,000. A report has been completed with all of the details of  the crimes being reported.

Which makes one wonder. How many crimes are not reported because the victim is embarrassed to have been taken in by the scam artists?

The scams also use the phone in conjunction with a Web site. As an example, in a recorded phone message the victim was told to go to a particular Web site to get their share of stimulus money.

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The full report is in .pdf format and can be viewed here.