It’s something that seems to have evolved over recent years. In the past, one could be sure that anyone in IT would be using something Windows based. This was clearly the norm when it came to laptops of choice. In recent years, however, I have noticed more people than ever utilizing MacBook Pros in place of Windows only options. Granted, most of these MacBook Pros appeared to either be using Boot Camp with Windows or, at the very least, VMWare Fusion with Windows installed for immediate access. So Windows was never really taken out of the equation, so to speak.

What’s your take on this? Is using a Mac in your IT role beneficial to you in ways that Windows alone is not? Perhaps you are simply using your MacBook Pro as a Windows only machine? I have known people who have claimed to do this for various reasons.

So which is it for you? OS X or Windows that pulls you to the MacBook Pro? Is there something you have discovered using these machines that other IT pros might benefit from? Clearly there is something going on here, so how about some of you explaining what has drawn you over to the Mac side of the fence despite continuing to work within a Windows shop? As someone who no longer uses either, I would be interested in hearing some mixed perspective on this. Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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