In Part I of Distribution Lists are a Real Time-Saver, I talked about the benefits of using distribution lists and showed you how to create a list in Outlook 2007. Once you create a list, it’s appears in your list of contacts and is ready for use.

So how do you send an email to a distribution list? It’s really no different than when you send a message to an individual email address. To use a distribution list in Outlook 2007:

  1. Draft your e-mail message within Outlook as you normally would.
  2. Click the To button.
  3. Select the appropriate Address Book from the Address Book drop-down box.
  4. Double-click the appropriate distribution list. Hint: distribution lists are bolded within your address.
  5. Click OK and click Send.

The message will be sent to all the individuals within the distribution list. For example, if a list contains 10 of your friends, the message will be sent to all 10 recipients. Thus, when you address the email, you only need to select one distribution group as opposed to 10 individual email addresses. See the benefit?

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