Do you know what your stats are? If you ask a Webmaster that question, they’ll be more than happy to get into a discussion about their Web stats, traffic, and so on. Running a Web site without keeping a close eye on your stats is pointless in a way because you don’t know what’s really going on with your site. When you’re fully informed about all of your stats, you know who your visitors are and in some ways you’ll even know what they’re thinking. All of these details help you to provide a better experience for your visitors. Advanced analytics tools may seem like something that you would need to pay for, but free options are out there. Don’t believe me? Try GoingUp! and see what you think.

Isn’t it great that free tools like this are out there? You can look like a professional without spending any money. For a free tool, GoingUp! sure has a lot of features. Referring keywords, visitor locations, heat maps, and inbound link monitoring are just some of the features that you’ll find in this tool. If you’ve never looked at your stats before, GoingUp! will change how you think about your site.