In what is being described as a strange set of events, Apple is going to pull protective screen film from all of its retail stores and also their online store. Apple is banning all protectors no matter who the vendor is and also includes and case protection that uses a film protection. But what makes this strange is that Apple is not saying why. Other companies such as Amazon will continue to offer screen protectors and cases for the iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.

According to a recent article at  iLounge it states that:

It is believed that Apple’s move will have ramifications for the accessory industry outside of its own stores, as the Apple Store constitutes a significant fraction of total sales for many developers, even though accessory manufacturers also sell their products through other channels. Despite consumer demand for film solutions, which are currently ranked the #1 most popular “cases” for both iPods and iPhones in the Apple Store, and the #6 and #7 most popular overall iPhone and iPod accessories, respectively, developers might not create separate versions of each case product, one without film for sale by Apple, and one with film for sale elsewhere. iLounge requested details on the change from leading film developer Power Support, which had no comment, as well as several case makers, who were aware of the new policy but had nothing to add. However, Mirage Mirror Screen Protector vendor XGear suggested that despite the Apple Store ban, its “marketing positioning will not change. This will open many new doors for us as we move forward in my opinion.”

One comments I read from a Apple client stated that the screen protectors are difficult for some to apply and are the most returned item to Apple retail store. This person did not state they worked at an Apple retial outlet but it sounded like they did.

But Apple users will still be able to purchase protectors from other retailers so this is kind of a non event. LOL

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