Hertz rental car company is now offering a different type of used car buying experience for those who are looking for a used car. The process is fairly simple and described below. I received this email from a friend of mine this morning with the details.


Rent2Buy provides consumers with a wide range of reliable, used rental vehicle options and a three-day rental test drive prior to a decision to buy. Hertz Rent2Buy is an online car sales program which allows customers to reserve a rental car they might want to buy for a three-day test drive. Used car shoppers visit www.hertzrent2buy.com and select the car of their choice at the nearest Hertz location. Customers have full use of the vehicle for up to three days and if he or she chooses to purchase the vehicle, they simply keep the car and pay the listed price without any haggling and the rental fee is waived. If the customer decides not to purchase the car, the vehicle is returned to the renting location and the transaction is treated as a standard rental with a $49 per day rental fee, or a $99 per day fee for higher end

I went out to the Hertz site to see what they had. It all depends basically where you live. It seemed to me that those closer to large cities like in the San Francisco bay area and in Chicago where I looked, had the best vehicle inventory. Pricing seemed fair and the mileage was low on most cars.

Your mileage may vary.

Comments welcome.

Source – Hertz Rent2buy web site is here.