There should be an image here!SharePoint 2007 How-To delivers quick, to-the-point answers to common problems and tasks in SharePoint 2007. You’ll find answers to the most common end-user tasks, as well as some of the more complex problems and tasks faced by content and site managers.

From the basics of navigating a site, to more complex tasks such as customizing a site and managing site security, SharePoint 2007 How-To is a focused resource that provides access to all the answers you need — now!

Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Use!

  • Discover all the core SharePoint components and their practical uses and applications
  • Learn the essentials for navigating a SharePoint site
  • Find fresh ideas for working with the various SharePoint file formats
  • Perform detailed searches within SharePoint
  • Manage personal sites
  • Create organized lists and document libraries that are easy to navigate
  • Modify and customize list views by using filtering, grouping, and sorting
  • Control user access by managing permissions for lists, libraries, files, and other components
  • Implement and track custom workflows within SharePoint
  • Create subsites for enhanced content management
  • Customize the look and feel of a site using custom settings, themes, and content types
  • Manage site permissions and settings for a more secure environment