PhrogramNot everyone out there has the programming skills to jump right in and begin working with the WeatherBug API. Not because the API is difficult to worth with, because it’s actually very straight forward. Rather many individuals out there just never had a chance to get their feet wet with creating an application of their very own. This is where Phrogram and WeatherBug comes in.

Followers of the WeatherBug Labs projects, are likely aware that Phrogram and WeatherBug have been used together to add extra functionality to the “Phrograming” language to create simple programs. Today I was given a great example in which Phrogram users can take a gander at this great little WeatherBug contours with Google maps program.

Going for the full API experience

Now obviously this is an educational tool designed to allow students to get their feet wet with some basic programming. For those who are already familiar with this sort of thing, but have a hankering to get their hands on the real time data from WeatherBug for your own apps, then take a look at the WeatherBug API. We have a number of users who have successfully put it into use, plus we now provide an up updates email update option to keep everyone up on the latest API changes, found here.

So there you have it. Newbies and pros alike, with WeatherBug enabled programming options for the using. All you have to do is get involve and start creating today!