An associate for Walmart was terminated after the man failed a random drug test. The man lives in Michigan which is one of 15 states that approves of marijuana for medical purposes. He has stated that he suffers from sinus cancer and also has a brain tumor and was legally using the drug for pain relief. But Walmart didn’t seem to care and the man was fired from his job.

In a recent article it also stated that:

Casias, 29, just couldn’t understand how Wal-Mart or any employer for that matter could fire a worker for using medical marijuana, which was prescribed by his doctor and has been legal in Michigan since 2008. He even has a card sanctioned by the state that says he can legally use the drug.

“You can’t discriminate against a person if you have a medical marijuana card, and if they use it for medicinal purposes,” said James McCurtis, a spokesman for Michigan’s Department of Community Health that oversees the medical marijuana program.

Casias’ managers knew he had been battling sinus cancer and the brain tumor for some time, but he did not tell them he was using marijuana to deal with the pain because traditional painkillers alone weren’t working.

When the test came back positive, a manager at the store at first told him it wasn’t a big deal because he was legally using marijuana. However, when he came in for work the morning of Nov. 24, he was immediately pulled into the store manager’s office and told he was fired. “The manager told me he was sorry and he had no choice. He said he wished he could help me out,” Casias said. “They went and got my personal belongings, and I walked out of the store.”

Wal-Mart spokesman Greg Rossiter called the situation “unfortunate.”

“We are sympathetic to Mr. Casias’ condition,” he said. However, like so many other employers, “we have to consider the overall safety of our customers and associates, including Mr. Casias, when making a difficult decision like this.”

Sympathetic? How could Walmart be sympathetic towards the man by terminating his employment? I understand that drug testing is a way to keep Walmart stores drug free, but this seems adsurd to apply this policy to those who use the drug for pain relief.

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