Recently I had a question sent to me in which I was asked as to what the real advantages are with using Linux hosting vs. that of Windows hosting. Sadly, I have always used Linux hosting exclusively myself. But clearly there must be something to using Linux, as Microsoft Bing uses Linux for its own Bing content delivery network.

All kidding aside, I have found that, for most people, it’s cheaper. Another consideration is the reported speed benefits of Linux over Windows, but this may be something that is debatable. Speaking for myself, I have always found Linux to be quite usable for most Web hosting needs.

But one in need of further comparison might start here. At the end of the day, it simply comes down to different technologies at work. Most people looking to start a blog or put up a general purpose e-commerce Web site will find Linux to be a great option.

So once again, which is better? I honestly think it comes down to what the end goal is. Because, as stated above, it’s a matter of the technologies put into play.

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