This article really struck me as interesting. With the first two ideas being completely over the heads of 99% of the populace as they’re not developers, I was happy to see points 3, 4, 6… well that was it, actually. three of the points made sense while the rest were complete bunk. Be open? Be Google? Use the Web? Seriously?

How about this: provide a platform that provides what the user wants. And to a large degree, it has been able to do this. As for marketing, that is really difficult as it’s an OS that needs to appeal to handset makers, not end users. The handset makers and eventually the mobile carriers are the gate keepers here. Wasting time with AdSense ads for the Nexus One is just dumb. No one outside of  the tech community has honestly even heard of it. And while most have heard of Android, they’ll be looking to whatever their existing carrier has to offer.

The best of the bunch, in my opinion, remains the Droid via Verizon. Good phone, better network (vastly) than AT&T. Subsidize the heck out of these phones and the rest takes care of itself. As for other models of Android powered phones, it’s very case by case. There is no clear magic bullet. But one thing is for sure: Google does not know marketing as the above linked article likes to think. No, it, like Microsoft, has a product people use. And it does its job fine. But unlike Apple, Google is not selling a “sexy experience.” Hence, why the iPhone continues to mop the floor with its competition.

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