How much is a domain name worth? When Escom LLC bought the domain name they paid a whopping $14 M. They were planing on selling the domain name and in order to be invited to bid you needed to put up $1M as security. But just when Escom LLC was about to auction the name off, up popped 3 creditors that stopped the sale because, guess what? They funded the money that Escom LLC used to buy and hadn’t been paid back.

But there is more to this story. According to one article it states that:

Richard Maltz, vice president of David R. Maltz & Co. Inc., which was handling the auction, said there was “considerable interest” in the domain name sale.

Maltz declined to give specifics on the interested parties. One of them was People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which sent a letter to the lender’s lawyer asking him to urge his client to donate the domain name to them.

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Males who consume meat, eggs and dairy products often suffer sexual side effects, according to PETA.

“Donating the domain to us is a win-win situation for everybody: Your client will enjoy an enormous tax write-off, and people will learn how to help spice up their love lives while helping animals,” wrote Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

You must admit that this is humorous. PETA just doesn’t remind me of sex! LOL

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