Like many of you, I’ve seen a lot of online tools that try to help you manage tasks. Some of them are good while others are pretty much a complete waste of time and you can tell that they were almost created as a programming exercise for the coder. For me, I expect a task manager to be more than just a place that holds tasks that can be added and deleted. To be honest, if that was all I wanted, I’d just use a piece of paper. A service called makes managing tasks a simple thing, but at the same time, there’s just enough power to make the process useful.

When you see what the service looks like, you’ll probably be reminded of a Web-based e-mail inbox, and that’s actually a good thing because an inbox design can work for tasks. Your tasks can be organized by project and assigned a due date so that you know when things actually need to get done. will keep track of these due dates and notify you when action needs to be taken. With that said, if you have a lot going on and just can’t do something when you said you would, the service makes it easy to postpone a task. This is task management on your terms.