What do you do when a NYPD computer keeps telling the cops that you are a dangerous criminal? You can try to ignore the 50 times the cops have come to your door asking questions, or you can move as one previous home owner did. So this is a story in which a home located in Brooklyn was used as a test address when the cops were setting up their computer system. Only problem is that the computer keeps thinking this must be a home of bad guys and keeps sending the cops there to ask questions.

The questioning involves robberies and murders in which an 82 year old female by the name of  Rose Martin, keeps telling the law officials that she has no information. But someone at police headquarters finally decided to do something about the problem and removed Martin’s name and address from the computer system. Hopefully this should solve the problem.

But guess what? The previous home owners were told the same thing before selling the home to Martin. Nothing changed and the cops kept coming, so the disgruntled folks sold the home and moved.

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