BitDefender issued an update that has apparently made toast out of some users Windows 64 bit systems. The company has stated that they have issued a fix and instructions that users can follow to repair Windows. If you are a victim of the rogue update check out the BitDefender link listed below. On their web site the company states:

We apologize for the issues that you are experiencing on behalf of the BitDefender update released today for Windows 64-bit systems.

The faulty update has been removed and we are quickly working on a fix for the issues experienced by the users that downloaded this update.Here is some background information on this problem:

Today (morning PST) we had an update for 64-bit systems (available on our servers between 8 AM and 11 30 AM PST) that caused multiple Windows and BitDefender files to be quarantined. We are creating a patch that will restore all quarantined files. The patch will be available shortly. We apologize for this error and we will work to prevent this from occurring again in the future.

BitDefender trojan alert update issue: BitDefender has released an alternative solution for users that are able to boot their systems. The details are available here . The solution for users that are not able to boot their system will be available shortly. Thanks for your understanding.

I sincerely hope that this helps those of you who have experienced this problem. If your system will not boot, wait until BitDefender comes out with a fix.

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