There should be an image here!Catch Google Wave, the revolutionary Internet protocol and Web service that lets you communicate and collaborate in realtime. With Google Wave: Up And Running, you’ll understand how Google Wave integrates email, instant messaging (IM), wiki, and social networking functionality into a powerful and extensible platform. You’ll also learn how to use its features, customize its functions, and build sophisticated extensions with Google Wave’s open APIs and network protocol.

Written for everyone — from non-techies to ninja coders — Google Wave: Up And Running provides a complete tour of this complex platform. You’ll quickly work with the Google Wave Client, the app that lets users participate and collaborate on waves, and learn how to augment waves with gadgets and robots. In the process, you’ll appreciate why Google Wave offers a great new model for online communication and collaboration.

  • Become thoroughly familiar with Google Wave, including its structure, key concepts, and terminology
  • Get a hands-on introduction to the APIs and resources that will help you develop on this platform
  • Learn how to use Google Wave’s APIs to develop your own gadgets and robots, and to embed waves on web pages
  • Discover through use cases how Google Wave offers consumers a distinct advantage over current communication and collaboration technologies