Honestly, I never was really too big on the idea of having my data metered, but I also realize that this is up to the ISP in question. Yes, because of the lack of competition in many areas, Comcast — among other ISPs — are free to do the following.

Now this was not something I received — I actually had it sent to me. Thankfully, my ISP is based on a fiber connection, not cable or DSL, and is also able to use the latest technology to ensure I am not going to be metered. But one thing appears to be clear, folks: cable companies are looking to start metering your usage and that stinks.

Some folks might ask why this is a big deal? Well, I would point out that in my household alone, we are using Hulu, Roku (Netflix, Amazon On-Demand), surfing the Web and downloading Linux distros, updates, and the list goes on. There is no way I would want to waste my time trying to figure out whether or not I am using up my quota of allowed Internet. Thankfully, I chose to live in an area where I have three broadband choices. Obviously, for many others, this is not always an option. But for those who do have a choice, Comcast is going to lose its biggest broadband usage customers as metered usage is not the way to go.

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