Chat rooms have been around for a long time, but they’re not going away anytime soon. The practice of talking with one or more people using text in a live way is something that continues to be useful, but that basic communication isn’t all there is in chat room technology. Back when the Internet was mostly text, communication with text was more than enough, but now that there are so many images and videos that people like to share, chat rooms have to understand and facilitate this. A lot of chat sessions may mainly consist of sharing links to videos and pictures, and if you’ve ever been frustrated by having to go outside of your chat session to see what’s being linked to, then you’ll appreciate Donut Chat.

The service offers free chat rooms (paid options offer additional features), and unlike other alternatives, these are chat rooms that you’ll actually want to use. The primary thing that I like is when someone in the chat links to a picture or video on a service like Flickr or YouTube, the content appear within the chat as a part of the conversation. Additionally, with Donut Chat, chatters can transfer files, an available control panel keeps you in control, iPhone support is here, and so on. Why am I suddenly hungry?