Does your car have heated seats? If so, how frequently do you use them?

The more vehicles I drive (and I drive a lot of vehicles), the more I’ve come to realize that heated seats are one option that I don’t want to live without. There’s nothing quite like a supportive heated seat and good adjustable lumbar support to help ease an aching back on the way to or from work.

All heated seats are not created alike. There can be considerable differences from manufacturer to manufacturer. The most basic heated seat systems offer one or two levels of heating across the base and back of the seat. Some high-end systems can offer half a dozen levels of heating, while others split the heating into two separate zones (base and back).

Heated front seats are frequently included as standard equipment in luxury cars, like the 2010 Chrysler 300C AWD. If you’re rolling in style, you’ll want to think of your passengers, too … rear heated seats are included in the 300C AWD’s Customer Preferred Option package.