Toyota has insisted that the acceleration problems with some of their vehicles are not due to an electronic malfunction. The auto maker would like to put the blame on user error or some physical flaw like the floor mats. However, new revelations have increased Toyota’s problems. It appears that this problem has been a longstanding:

Toyota warned its dealers in 2002 of reports from Camry owners about unexpected accelerations, and the automakers recommended that an electronic control unit be adjusted to correct the problem.

A copy of the August 30, 2002 technical service bulletin, which was sent to U.S. Toyota dealerships, was obtained by CNN.

link: Toyota Warned Dealers About Throttles 7.5 Years Ago

link: CNN: Document: Toyota warned dealers of throttle surging in 2002

If this evidence is valid, it brings into question accidents that may have occurred years ago. Was there a flaw in the automobile that caused the accident?

There are indications of a class action lawsuit against Toyota. However, accidents involving Toyota vehicles will be reconsidered and Toyota may be facing a landslide of litigation.

Catherine Forsythe