In this social media environment, your users expect to be heard. Before all of this craziness began, people were sort of afraid to communicate with companies, but now anyone can do it through Twitter, a blog, and so on. The tables have turned and the users are in charge, which is a fact that is going straight to all of our heads. With that said, pretty much everyone will tell you that it’s important to listen to your users, and that’s very good advice. Whether you’re looking to involve your users in a beta test or just want customer feedback on what you’re doing, BetaEasy has a service that can help.

BetaEasy has options that work with Web sites and desktop applications. The feedback portion in particular makes it easy for anyone and everyone to speak their mind. Users can request features, vote on other submitted features, submit bug info, and make general comments. These discussions are threaded, so a real conversation can take place among a group of people. Once you have the feedback, you’ll just need to implement what works, which is sometimes easier said than done.