Scam artists have been stealing Gmail account information and are posing as friends from your contact list. The hoaxers than attempt to pose as one of your friends, state they are stranded somewhere, and ask that you send money. People who have fallen for these hoaxes really believe that one of their friends need help and wire money to the scam artist.

In an attempt to alert Gmail users that their accounts may have been compromised they have instituted the following:

You may remember that a while back we launched remote sign out and information about recent account activity to help you understand and manage your account usage. This information is still at the bottom of your inbox. Now, if it looks like something unusual is going on with your account, we’ll also alert you by posting a warning message saying, “Warning: We believe your account was last accessed from…” along with the geographic region that we can best associate with the access.

To determine when to display this message, our automated system matches the relevant IP address, logged per the Gmail privacy policy, to a broad geographical location. While we don’t have the capability to determine the specific location from which an account is accessed, a login appearing to come from one country and occurring a few hours after a login from another country may trigger an alert.

By clicking on the “Details” link next to the message, you’ll see the last account activity window that you’re used to, along with the most recent access points.

By alerting you to a possible compromise of your account, it may keep you and your friends safe. It may also save your friends a few bucks as well. There are some built in safe guards and Google recommends changing your password if your account is compromised. If you access your mail while traveling and receive an alert, you can simply dismiss the alert.

Additional information can be found on the Gmail blog site below.

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Source – Gmail blog site