I am currently visiting our oldest daughter, son-in-law and the three grand kids in Texas.  As I have previously mention my son-in-law owns a company in Shreveport, LA known as Electronic Interiors. He and his brother install home theater systems, camera systems, HDTV systems, pre-wiring of new homes and a lot more. See their web site here – http://www.eibcs.com/

Most of us who own homes or businesses that have been built during the past few decades know that they are pre-wired for coxial cable. But as HDTV technology has taken over, distribution of HDTV signals needed new wiring installs. There is a company named ZeeVee that has introduced a product for home and business use that can use existing coaxial to:

ZvBox® 150 uses existing coaxial cabling so there’s no need to cut holes in walls or pull new cables, making it the perfect retrofit HD video distribution system. And future expansion is easy: when a new HDTV is connected to the coax, it will automatically have access to the Zv channel. Want to share more sources? Create an additional channel by adding another ZvBox 150!

Ideal Applications

  • Share HD video sources among all HDTVs in a home
  • Connect a computer for unlimited internet video on demand at your HDTVs

Key Features

  • RF connection- easy to integrate into existing cable wiring, saves time!
  • HDTV cable channel output – HD sources connected to ZvBox 150 can be tuned in at any HDTV

The boxes are pricey [Zv150 is $999]  but according to my son-in-law are easy to use and setup. This is another option for those who wish to use the current coaxial cabling in their homes or businesses to distribute  HDTV signals without having to rewire everything.

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ZeeVee website for additional information.