In this day and age, where would you say some of the most influential comments and recommendations are being expressed? Sure enough, blogs and Twitter are at least a part of that answer if not a big part of it. Both of those tools provide an easy way to listen in on what the public is thinking. For example, if you want to go beyond the professional critics and find out what regular people think about a new movie, a simple Twitter search can tell you a lot in just a few seconds. Because of this, when you’re looking to find recommendations, it makes sense to leverage social media. RankSpeed searches the blogosphere and Twitter by sentiment.

This service helps you to find Web sites and products, and you can add various bits of sentiment search options to help fine-tune the results. Instead of showing you a bunch of tweets and blog posts right away, RankSpeed organizes all of the information and presents you with a ranked list that contains recommendation percentages. Results can be filtered on the page, and when you’re looking for products, you’ll have access to online pricing and retailer information. Yes, all of those blog posts and tweets have a purpose.