I was all excited to hear about Windows Phone 7 Series (despite the awful name). Windows Mobile has gotten clunky and awful over the years, and it was good to see Microsoft bite the bullet and decide to just start over. All of that excitement was wiped away for many phone geeks when it was announced that cut and paste features will not be included in the initial release.

Has Microsoft not learned what Apple went through with the iPhone? This is a big deal! Although cut and paste will most likely be implemented in a future Windows Phone 7 Series update, it’s a major turnoff and causes negative press if it’s not going to be ┬áincluded at release.

I’m not sure why phone makers sometimes don’t get why cut and paste is so important. It doesn’t seem like a feature that would be very difficult to implement either. I can understand something like Flash taking a while to come to a device, but cut and paste is an absolute necessity.