Dust off that Nintendo Wii, it’s about to get a whole lot more useful. Netflix streaming is coming to the console very soon. So soon in fact that you can already login to your Netflix account and order the disc you’ll need to access streaming features.

With the Wii in so many homes that do not have a Roku, PS3 or other device capable of streaming to the TV, this could prove to be a boon for Netflix. Hollywood Video and Blockbuster are already closing stores left and right and are struggling to keep up with the digital evolution. Streaming to the Wii even puts them farther ahead of RedBox, the mini video stores you see anywhere from supermarkets to your neighborhood gas station.

Of course, the question remains. Will the Netflix “Watch Instantly” library get any better? The library is largely lacking in newer stuff that people actually want to watch. Though, you can find a few seasons of TV shows at times.