My last post about the do it yourself airplane kits got me thinking about how I feel about heights.  I have always been deathly afraid of heights.  I can’t even climb a small ladder without shaking so much I can’t perform the task I climbed it for in the first place!  Roofs, multiple story buildings with large windows, elevators with see through glass, all give me butterflies in my stomach.

Regardless of that fact, I love to fly!  I will get into any flying craft (except maybe one built in someone’s garage) with eagerness and excitement.  I can’t explain why this is true though.  When I worked offshore on supply and dive boats we routinely flew helicopters out to the oil rig where the boat was working.  I always made sure I got a window seat so I could look out.  If you have ever flown on helicopters more than once, you know that many of the pilots are veterans of Vietnam where they flew choppers and seem to fly without fear.  Ours usually flew close to the water, zigging and zagging seemingly just to make the passengers nervous, but I loved it!

The only part that I dreaded was when we landed on the rig and had to take a personel carrier down to the boat.  This is a device that is hooked to the crane on the oil rig.  It has a round, padded base that you stand on and you hang on the ropes that connect it to the crane.  You are then picked up and lowered several hundred feet to the deck of the boat, which is usually rocking back and forth.  See the pictures attached.

I am wondering if anyone else shares my fear of heights but at the same time loves to fly.  Does anyone know why this would be?  I am sure there is some psychological thing going on that I am not aware of but I would really like to know.