Well this stinks… for those who don’t already have access to a fiber based connection. Worse is I have seen Qwest, among others, not moving at all. So even outside of Verizon territories, the likelihood of seeing anything better than that old copper cable is simply not happening. But how about blazing fast 1.5 DSL! Yeah, this is the fastest option Qwest offers in my mom’s neck of the woods. Did I mention this is a town nearly twice the size of the one I live in? Sad, Qwest…

Now I totally understand Verizon’s concern — money is tight and it has spent a lot of it on advertising for its existing FiOS offerings. I mean, I actually shook my head at a guy here next door who was getting cable added for Internet based on some idiot ad he found on TV. It wasn’t even cheaper! We have FiOS boxes on our homes, yet this individual opted for the power of 1980s copper!

But I digress. So what can Verizon do to help get some of that FiOS love in its areas that simply cannot not afford all of the manpower needed? Well, geeks are not above shoveling dirt for the promise of a little more fiber (Internet) in their diet! Obviously the hardcore stuff has to be done by pros, but surely Verizon could offset some of the cost through a newspaper announcement to the geeks of the area to pick up their shovels and help make FiOS happen in their home town? Okay, on the best day this is likely entirely too Utopian to ever happen or even be practical. That said, at least it would allow those set to cable or worse, some kind of hope for broadband with speeds comparable to elsewhere.

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