I had to read this one twice, as I found it so unlikely on so many levels. Now it’s true, that TechCrunch managed to present some pretty compelling data here. And that’s great. But the fact of the matter is that Apple limits itself so much that the only reason it’s seeing such tremendous growth, in my estimation, is because it tapped into something we know call the “app.”

iPads, iPhones, etc. are a vehicle to the app. And in many ways, apps are maintaining the financial growth that is seen doing big increases with each “iHandheld” release. To be completely fair, Apple is brilliant here. It has once again managed to reinvent the wheel and ensure that a new ecosystem of development could be born from the efforts of others.

Now the question is: will Apple actually be able to keep this pace of growth up? Will it eventually put Microsoft on notice with regard to outpacing it in value? Honest truth, while I am extremely skeptical, I will say that I don’t think it’s impossible. As Google has demonstrated, you don’t have to be a bit hit with desktop operating systems to put Microsoft on notice.

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