So what is the deal with the Apple iPad selling out so quickly? What was the cause and, also, why are we speculating that enterprise users are part of this equation? According to this report, it seems that the perceived benefits over its netbook cousin has many people looking in the direction of the iPad.

Personally, having looked at what both a netbook and an iPad have to offer, I found the only thing that the iPad had that was compelling was that it had a bigger screen and better battery life. What so many people are totally ignoring is that this is a brand new, totally unproven product. To sit there with a straight face and expect the iPad to roll out the door as if it will be bug free is laughable.

Now the iPad is going to be fantastic for a number of things. I would even say it could very well provide a real alternative to netbooks and Kindles for home users. But I am still very skeptical about getting on board with the iPad until the first set of patches are released. Maybe I am just no fun — who knows?

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