This morning as I roamed through the different TV stations it jogged my memory on what it takes to be a TV reporter. Below are some examples of how easy it is to be a TV reporter.

Example #1 ask stupid questions. I remember back the day after 9-11 when Mayor Giuliani had to promote a Deputy Chief to Chief because the Chief had been killed in one of the towers. A reporter asked the new Chief  ‘How do you feel about your promotion?’  How does he feel???? Are you dumb or what?

Example #2 stand knee high in flood waters. You see, you need to show the viewers how deep the water is because we can’t figure it out for ourselves. Just because the water covers the wheels of a standard passenger car, without you standing in the water wadding around for us, how are we to know how deep the water really is?

Example #3 you must stand outside during a hurricane to show us how fast the wind is really blowing. We can’t tell how fast the winds is blowing when the trees are leaning at a 90 degree angle unless you stand outside for us. Also, make sure you show us a piece of metal siding laying on the ground for added affect. Without seeing this, we would not have a clue as to what is going on.

Example #4 is my all time favorite. When I was living on California our local TV station was in Sacramento. When the first snow arrived, which happened every winter like clock work, they would send a reporter up to Blue Canyon to stand in the snow. The report was basically the same year after year. The reporter would go down where a chain installer was and ask the person, ‘cold enough for you?’  Next they would interview a Highway Patrol officer who would be taking an accident report for some idiot that was driving to fast and ask ‘what happened?’ Duh! Next they would interview the family from San Jose, Ca. who were standing by the side of the road in shorts and t-shirts, not knowing it was going to snow. Duh! I always wondered if these people ever watched or listened to the weather reports.

So there you have it. Simple ways to be a TV reporter. LOL